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Skate Rack

Syner-ice / Skate Rack

Skate Rack

Ice World Skate Rack


Compliant with HACCP provisions, this rack is the good one because he has been designed to accommodate all types of skates and be used in any situation.

Adapted both in fixed position and mobile operation it moves easily on its solid industrial wheels with brakes.

Stackable up to 3 in total safety thanks to the anti-tilt inserts for the forks of forklifts it solves storage problems when it is full and, when empty, disassembles completely for easy storage.z


Manufacture: Galvanized steel
Capacity: 60 pairs
Height: 6.56 ft
Width: 2.62 ft
Length: 4.46 ft
Handling: Per 1 person
Full storage: Stackable on 3
Empty storage: Fully removable


CDN$750,00 (taxes not included)

Heated Racks Sani-Packs


  • Selecting your hot air or ambient air drying
  • Robust and neat structure made of galvanized + epoxy painted metal
  • Bottom frame of 35 x 20 welded metal tube
  • Removable skate support for cleaning the rack, staggered support
  • The ingenious placement of its electrical system facilitating maintenance with hinged door
  • Ventilation provided by an AXIAL blower located at the end of the rack
  • Heated air drying provided by 2 screened resistors
  • Operation with programmable analog clock and easy to us


Available options:


  • “maxi” option to optimize the drying.
  • Selection of shelf drying by shelf.
  • Germicidal UV lamp air purification system
  • Track-mounted system for easy and reliable truck handling
  • RAL color choice
  • Customizable front door


Many choices available :


Height 6,79 ft
Length 6,46 ft 7,41 ft 8,37 ft
Width 1,73 ft 1,73 ft 1,73 ft
Capacity 56 à 99 64 à 110 72 à 132
Sizes  8 2/3 à 11 2/3  8 2/3 à 11 2/3  8 2/3 à 11 2/3



Height 7,97 ft
Length 6,46 ft 7,41 ft 8,37 ft
Width 1,73 ft 1,73 ft 1,73 ft
Capacity 70 à 117 80 à 130 90 à 156
Sizes  8 2/3 à 11 2/3  8 2/3 à 11 2/3  8 2/3 à 11 2/3


Starting at  CDN$4800,00 (taxes not included)


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