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The reception structure

A guarantee of success for your event

We offer multiple layout options to make this space practical and user-friendly. We know from experience that a well-designed reception structure contributes to the success of an event. It makes it possible to offer the public the best conditions of comfort possible. It also provides a pleasant work environment for management personnel.

Structure acceuil vue de haut
Type de structure d'accueil

Types of structures

  • Aluminium framing (with tarpaulin, wood shingles or PVC)
  • Lodge
  • Algéco Module (modular construction)
  • Hard area located near the ice rink

Complementary modules

  • till, changing room, infirmary, toilets, etc.
  • sound and light control
  • storage area for entertainment equipment
  • resting area reserved for operating staff

Our reception facilities fit well into covered areas (indoor ice rink, ice rink under marquee, etc.).

The reception structure is essential

  • to receive skaters
  • to store skates
  • to establish a skate rental counter
  • to accommodate a heated area for slipping on skates
  • for skaters’ access to the site, because a rubber mat allowing a “skate to foot” movement connects it to the ice rink

These zones may be located under one roof or in an ancillary structure.

The dimension of the host structure varies according to the size of the rink.

Ice rinkReception zone
100 m2
to 300 m2
50 m2 minimum
300 m2
to 600 m2
75 m2 to 100 m2 minimum
600 m2
to 1000 m2
150 m2 minimum
Less than
200 m2
Lodge of 6 to 10 m2 for the distribution of skates
and an additional area for putting on the skates outside
Structure d'accueil
Chalet d'Accueil en Bois

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