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Your project, your ice rink

An ice rink made of real ice, indoor or outdoor, in the heart of the city or anywhere else, in any season.

The Synerglace technology allows the rapid conversion of land or indoor space into a refrigerated ice rink. Large or small, with standard or irregular shape, the rink designed by our teams adapts to the needs of your event (show, sporting competition, playground, etc.). The assembly and dismantling of the customized structures leave no mark on  the site. Our team recovers all the equipment to reuse or dispose of in an eco-responsible way.

An ice rink in four steps

 Our specialized personnel utilize their know-how and creativity to safely minimize the inconvenience of any potential technical or meteorological constraints for your project (including, for example, the annual increase in temperature), to ensure a problem free installation of your temporary refrigerated ice rink.

Design of the ice rink

Your specific needs meet our technical skills: an ice rink is born ... on paper and in 3D

Turnkey deliveries

Our specialized team assembles the floor and structures, prepare the ice and installs the decoration

Pleasure and peace of mind

The public takes full advantage of the facilities while our staff ensures the quality of the ice

Dismanteling the installation

Our technicians dismantle and repack all the equipment without leaving a trace, except good memories

Installation des patinoires réfrigérées

The place of establishment must include:

  • inside like outside, a hard, non-loose soil
  • sufficient space to accommodate the ice rink, reception area and technical area
  • an adequate power supply network for the installations
  • a connection point to the water supply system

In summary, the installation includes:

  • installation of a levelled temporary floor, if required
  • building of a watertight basin
  • installation of the ice mat
  • connection to the cooling circuit
  • start-up and watering for ice production
  • training your staff, as required
  • dismantling

For the public and you

  • a system of mobile rinks allows the realization of projects: from the simplest to the most unexpected or complex
  • a turnkey “customized project” formula contributing to the dynamism and success of your event
  • the immense pleasure of skating on real ice, no matter the season
  • an area reserved for the reception of skaters, equipment rental and putting on of skates
  • access to the ice rink in “skate to foot” mode facilitated by a rubber mat protecting both skate blades and floor coverings
  • a ”Visitors” area reserved for spectators
  • an entertainment service option with music, lighting, shows and accessories
  • everything to ensure your peace of mind!

Synerglace and its suppliers care about the environment:

  • our ice rinks consume less water and electricity than conventional arena rinks
  • our practices comply with the environmental standard ISO 14001 and the PEFC label on sustainable forest management
  • reuse or recycle materials used in the manufacture and installation of ice rinks (structural and packaging materials, decorative elements, etc.)
  • we use green food glycol (propylene), an environmentally safe coolant
  • we recover 100% of the glycol water, process it and store it for reuse for your next project (economical option)
  • we check the cooling units between each operation to avoid any leakage
  • we dispose of pollutant wastes, including polystyrene, in specialized facilities
  • we use air coolers to avoid any cases of legionnaires’ disease
  • our cooling units are soundproofed to minimize noise pollution

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