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A spectacularly fun activity

Our expertise in ice and snow allowed us to create slides for real ice sleigh. Of variable length, according to the surface of ground available, the slides constitute an uncommon playful activity which will spark  the curiosity of the public. We usually have the slopes next to the ice rink, but they are also marvellous when used alone.

Crédit Photo: Benoit Rousseau

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Because sledding is not just a hobby, these surfaces are a good ground for skating at high speed as in the Red Bull competition.

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The installation site must have

  • sufficient space to accommodate the trail
  • the space needed to accommodate the technical area
  • an adequate electrical network for supplying the cooling unit and the pump

It takes between 4 and 6 days of assembly time (this time varies depending on the size of the chosen trail)

Basic equipment:

  • AST type ice mat and trail
  • cooling unit, pump, etc. (for the production of ice)
  • scaffold type structure and access ramp
  • departure platform and finish area (with inflatable bladder)
  • sleighs and helmets

The safety of the sliders is very important to us. In this, we pay particular attention to the solidity and quality of the materials in our structures.

We use:

  • a scaffold type supporting structure of galvanized steel
  • a strong access ramp (120 lb / ft2 [600 kg / m2] payload)
  • an anti-slip departure platform made of perforated galvanized steel
  • a gliding trail made of perforated galvanized steel sheets
  • Each trail has at least 1 lane. We also offer 6 or 9 lanes options (or more, depending on your needs).
  • The width of each track is 28 inches [70 cm].

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