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Cooling units

The heart of the ice rink

As a central element in the operation of an ice rink, the cooling unit ensures the cooling of the glycol water and its circulation in the ice mat. It plays a key role in the production and maintenance of quality ice.

Groupe froid

Long-standing partners

Proven and effective Collaboration

We have been developing our methods of working with our partners for almost 15 years. The strong ties we have with these companies ensure you high quality products and impeccable service.

Under our supervision, these cooling units’ experts deliver the equipment to you, put it into service and maintain it for the duration of your event.

We have with each partner a single interlocutor responsible for taking care of the immediate processing of any request from us. No matter the motive, the day or hour, our protocols of intervention guarantee you a tight follow-up and a fast assistance on the spot.

Parc de Groupes froid

The power of the cooling unit is chosen according to

  • the size of the ice rink
  • the distance separating the cooling unit from the ice rink
  • the location (indoor or outdoor)
  • the season (weather conditions)


Each cooling circuit is delivered with all the equipment required for its proper functioning (pump, connecting cables, pipes, etc.)


Our specialized technicians have a certificate of aptitude and a certificate of capacities for “Refrigerants”.

Supervision Program

  • remote monitoring, recording and data analysis program developed specifically for Synerglace
  • uses the latest in control technologies
  • it reduces energy consumption by 10 – 20%

Our objective: the running of your event without interruption or inconvenience, under any circumstances.

  • All our partner companies have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
  • Our cooling units are energy efficient and soundproof.
  • Our equipment meets the quality standards and regulations in force.
  • We provide maintenance and revision certificates issued by specialized control offices.

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