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Skateez stabilizers

Syner-ice / Skateez stabilizers

Skateez stabilizers

Skateez has been designed to help beginner skaters, in the same way, that the stabilizers on the kid’s bikes.

Skatees are rigid enough to hold the skate vertically, but also flexible enough to allow the skater to use the edges of his blades to propel himself forward.

Unlike traditional scooters, Skateez provides a platform to learn the basics of the actual skating movement.

The design is intended to accommodate a multitude of skating styles and may require some minor adjustments during the installation.


The strengths of Skateez are:

  • A support for young skaters and beginners
  • Helps the child to skate by providing stability and balance
  • Adapts to the evolution of the child in his learning
  • Suitable for most skates with flat soles
  • Recommended for children from 3 years


Sizes: Unique size
Type: Stabilizer to fix on the skate
Material: PVC


USD$ 40,00 (taxes not included)


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